Claire, Richard and Wilf

Team Upton

Our story…

We fell in love and decided to tie the knot. We wanted a wedding that was totally unique to us, that was exclusively ours, where we could relax in an amazing setting.

Every time we talked about our wedding our thoughts always came back to Upton.  It is our family home and holds a very special place in our hearts. We looked lovingly at the old cider barn and overgrown walled garden and knew they were crying out to be given a second chance.  If we were going to do this at Upton we were going to do it for us and for others to share… Upton Barn & Walled Garden wedding venue was born!

We cherished every minute of our wedding at Upton, we were so lucky to be able to create our day, our way, we now want you to be able to do this too!


Claire & Richard Down
Owners at Upton, and the first Bride and Groom to walk down the Walled Garden aisle!


The Team at Upton


 Our Team

Upton Barn is a family business and we are exceptionally fortunate to have a superb team supporting us.  Couples marrying at Upton can rest-assured that that we will do our utmost to ensure your day is everything you hoped for and more.

  • Owners – Claire & Richard Down
  • Office Manager/ Accounts – Georgina Cole
  • Health & Safety and Operations Coordinator – Pippa Thompson
  • Event Managers – Emma Elston, Phoebe Chapman and Rosie Hakes
  • The Gardener – Fay Down (Mother)
  • Marketing & Web Design  – Dan Lott & Joanna Broadhurst – Ablaze Design

There are so many other staff, associates and local suppliers who make Upton Barn what it is.  Their names are not mentioned here but we thank them all for their continued support.

Richard and Claire
Richard and Claire – Owner / Proprietors

Georgie – Office Manager/ Accounts

Pippa – Health & Safety and Operations Coordinator

Emma – Events Manager

Phoebe – Events Manager

Rosie – Events Manager




“Ours is a love story…”

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